Letter Jacket Info

Framingham High School

Athletics’ Department

May 23, 2019

Dear Athlete, Parent, Guardian:

During this Spring season you have earned a varsity letter. Congratulations! You are now eligible to purchase a Framingham High School Letter Jacket. Letter Jacket orders are handled directly by Kathy at 4 Seasons, 61 Nicholas Road Framingham, 508-788-1601. It is located a mile from our school in the Pinefield Shopping Center.

Orders are only taken at the 4 Seasons store. The fitting dates for appropriate sizing are as follows:

  • TBA

PLEASE BRING THIS LETTER WITH YOU WHEN YOU GO TO ORDER. Jackets will be there to try on for sizing. Payments should be made directly to 4 Seasons by cash, check, or major credit card at the time of the order. All jacket orders need to be placed by, TBA  Students will be responsible to pick up their jackets at 4 Seasons when they come in approximately 6 weeks later.

The prices are as follows: ALL WOOL JACKETS

Small – Extra Large – $150.00

XXL – $155.00

XXXL – $165.00

(All Tall and Long sizes are available. There will be an additional charge of 10%)

Please call Kathy at 4 Seasons with any questions or concerns you might have 508-788-1601

* If scheduled times do not work, please call prior to last day of fittings*

4 Seasons Inc.

61 Nicholas Road

Framingham Mass 01701



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