Concussion Information


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I.  Avenues for Education


  • Pre-Season Coaches meetings (3 per year prior to each season)
  • NFHS Online Concussion Course
  • BSC Pre-Season Coaches meeting (3 per year prior to each season)
  • MIAA workshops (expensive – not for all coaches)
  • In-house education (to cover something we cannot cover regularly)


    • NFHS On-line Course

  • Student-Athlete Handout
  • Coaches Review Sheet
  • Trainer Discussion


  • NFHS On-Line Course
  • MIAA Parent Guide to Concussion
  • – information with links to comprehensive information regarding concussions


II. Recordkeeping

  • State wants records kept of concussion education –
  • Challenge is figuring the best way to collect every form and making it mandatory prior to participation also taking into account cost and time for a small department.
  • Answer – adjust the current athletic registration form to add a check off system for
    • past concussion/medical information
    • online course – confirmation of completion

III. Policies

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