Unified Basketball

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Practice Begins… mid-September

Practice Times are 2:15 pm-3pm on the following dates:

9/18, 9/20, 9/25, 9/27, 10/2, 10/4, 10/9, 10/11, 10/16, 10/18, 10/23, 10/25, 10/30, 11/1, 11/6, 11/8 11/13, 11/15

Regular Season Games… last week in September- end of October

Jamboree…second week of November (one day/afternoon-evening event/multi-school)


Playing Rules/Guidelines

All MIAA Basketball rules will be adhered to with the exception of the following-

1)      Roster Size:  A minimum of 8 and a maximum of 15 players with a proportional number of Special Olympics athletes and Unified partners who serve in the role as on-court “mentor coaches.”  There needs to be a minimum of 3 Unified partners on a team’s roster.

2)     Playing Lineup:   Each team has three Special Olympics athletes and two Unified partners on the court at all times.

3)     Unified partners need to use common sense to restrain themselves from taking the game out of the athletes’ hands.

4)     Coaches should ensure that the Unified Sports principle of ‘meaningful involvement’ for all members of the team.

5)     Coaches should ensure that the Unified Sports principle prohibiting ‘player domination’ is adhered.

6)     A Unified partner may give verbal or visual instructions only to members of his/her own team. Communication designed to distract or confuse the opposing team is prohibited.

7)        Substitutions:  A head coach may make a substitution in dead ball situations only (i.e. after a basket has been made, the ball goes out of bounds, or a foul is called).  The coach must inform the referee first, who will stop play momentarily to allow the substitution.  The referee should preferably use a verbal and physical signal (see below):

8)         Travelling:  A player may take two steps beyond what is allowed. However, if the player scores, ‘travels’ or escapes the defense as a result of these extra steps, an advantage has been gained.  A violation is called immediately.

9)        Three Second Rule:  The three second rule allowing offensive players to remain in the free throw lane for only three seconds will not be enforcedagainst Special Olympics athletes, but will be enforced against the Unified partners.

10)    Double Dribble:  Every effort should be made for players to not double dribble.

11)    Game times:  A game will consist of 2 halves, each 15-20 minutes long (tournament director set game times) running clock, with a 5 minute half-time.


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