Girls Soccer

Hello Everyone!
It’s that time of year…..AUGUST! I have been constantly communicating through our Facebook page, but I wanted to touch base via email to ensure all players have been attentive with their training and the mandatory paperwork in preparation for tryouts.

GIRLS SOCCER TRYOUTS:  Thursday, Friday and Monday; 8/25/16-8/29/16 at FHS Front Field 3:00-5:30pm – Saturday, August 27, 2016, tryouts continue at Marlboro Jamboree … bus to Marboro leaves at 7am!!!
1) I have been receiving fantastic fitness updates from many players. It is good to see people training hard and sending me the REQUIRED updates every other week. If you have neglected to do so, now is the time to touch base with me.
2) There are two more TURF TIME meetings tonight andnext Monday 5-7pm. ALL ARE WELCOME FOR THE LAST TWO NIGHTS (even if you are not signed up). We want to see NUMBERS IN ATTENDANCE! As we wind down this summer, you should be feeling an increasing urgency to bring your best package to try outs. Seeing we only have limited time to select players for different levels, your training and touch on the ball have to be game ready, so you have no regrets.
3) Upperclassmen have been doing a fantastic job to organize fitness and playing opportunities throughout the summer. Unfortunately, attendance has not been great. Don’t disappoint yourself or others by not taking advantage of the help provided. They help players with the fitness packet, offer rides to those who may need transportation, and it’s all free! Part of preparing for our season is making sacrifices and preparation for the season should not start during preseason.
Here is the link that ALL players must use to register for soccer by 8/10. There was a call made to all parents to remind them, and I have been posting every week reminding players of their responsibilities. If you are not registered, YOU CANNOT try out. DO NOT WAIT UNTIL LAST MINUTE. No payment is necessary at the time of registration- just register to get your name into the system.
After registering, bring a copy of your physical and certificate for completion of the Concussion Online exam- (all links are on the Flyer Athletics website.
*****Players should keep a copy of the concussion and physical in their backpack IN ADDITION to the copy submitted to the athletic office. This ensures that all players can participate in try outs if a copy has been misplaced or lost. I posted a couple of clinics that are offering physicals on the Facebook page for those that are struggling to get an appointment at their doctor. WE CANNOT HAVE ANY PLAYERS ON THE FIELD WITHOUT AN UPDATED PHYSICAL- NO EXCEPTIONS!

18 more days until we take the field! I hope you are all as excited as I am to take the field!
Coach DeFusco

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