FHS Philosophy


Athletics are an extension of the academic day where our coaching staff is charged with the responsibility to teach the values of Accepting Success Graciously, Accountability, Citizenship, Sportsmanship, Confidence, Tolerance, Handling Disappointment, Leadership, Organizational Skills, Participation Within the Rules, Performing Under Pressure, Persistence, Work Ethic, Physical Well Being, Responsibility, Sacrifice, Self-Discipline, Social Skills, Striving Towards Excellence, Taking Instruction, and Teamwork.

As members of the Framingham high school athletic program, students and coaches are expected to demonstrate proper respect for each other, including teammates, opponents, officials and fans.


At the varsity level, we look for our teams to compete against opponents at the highest possible level of execution. This is the highest level of interscholastic competition and players, coaches, parents, and staff members want the Framingham High School varsity teams to be successful on the field of play. As long as the score is being kept, Framingham High School should attempt to win as many games as possible. In order to accomplish this, there are many instances when the major burden of the contest will be carried by the most competitive, skilled team members. However, teams cannot and will not be successful without committed substitutes or “second team” players. These players have to be ready at all times to step forward and shoulder the burden when called upon. It is these people whose hard work in practice each day prepares the team for the upcoming contest.  The emphasis on fielding competitive teams may result in uneven playing time, with some athletes not playing in several games.  The coach makes the often-difficult decision on who starts, who plays and for how long.


At the sub-varsity levels (junior-varsity or freshman), members of the coaching staff will make a strong effort to play all team members for as much time as is practical. At this level, the coaching staff is teaching the offensive and defensive philosophy of the program, along with the skills necessary to move along to the varsity level.  Participation and the development of individual proficiency in a sport will be valued above the pursuit of winning.

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