Important Information on Opioid Epidemic

On March 14, 2016, Governor Charlie Baker signed landmark legislation into law to address the deadly opioid epidemic plaguing the Commonwealth. The bill is titled An Act relative to substance use, treatment, education and prevention (STEP Act).  This new law includes multiple provisions including a 7-day limit on every opiate prescription for minors  (with certain exceptions),  a mandate for a verbal screen for substance use disorders in students and a requirement that information on opiate-use and misuse be disseminated to all students participating in an extracurricular athletic activity prior to their athletic season. This information can be found at our sports concussion website ( at  Here you will find information on substance use and misuse, where to get help for your child, resources and a link to the Dept. of Public Health Bureau of Substance Abuse Services.  Please make sure prior to every sports season that this educational information is distributed to all student athletes and their parents participating in extracurricular sports.

What Is The Difference Between Being on a Team Versus Being a Teammate?





BEING ON THE TEAM:                               BEING A TEAMMATE:


— benefits your personal goals                 — benefits the goals and

   and ambitions                                               ambitions of your team


— can make you a bystander                     — teammates intervene in the

                                                                               lives and actions of their



— involves personal effort                         — involves the efforts of every



— means doing what is asked                   — is doing whatever is needed

   of you                                                               for the team to succeed


— can involve blaming others                   — involves accepting respons-

   and making excuses                                     ibility , accountability, and

                                                                                 ownership of the team’s



— makes you “me-optic”, asking               — makes you “we-optic”, asking

   what’s in it for me?                                       what’s in it for us?


— means being drawn together                — means being drawn together

   by common interests                                   by a common mission


— players draw energy from                     — players draw energy from

   emotion                                                           a commitment to each other


Adapted from Inside Out Coaching: How Sports Can Transform Lives– Joe Ehrmann- Simon & Schuster (2011)- pg. 150


Athletic Handbook For Coaches, Student Athletes, and Parents

Last night the School Committee unanimously approved an Athletic Handbook. Please read carefully and become familiar with the philosophy, expectations, and policies contained therein. Parents of spring sport athletes should sign, print, and return the contract on page 11 to the coach once a team roster has been established.

Athletic Handbook Sports Registration